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You decided to be a hero to save the world.

You’re just a young immature boy, so I wonder how.

But, you racked your brain and thought about it.

And you tried to gather those people called Wise Men.

At one time, a wizard living on a volcano.

At one time, a researcher beyond the glass.

At one time, a lord of an impregnable castle.

At one time, an invincible female soldier.

You walked over ten million kilometers.

However, you’re still just a young traveler.

In the end, you were not able to gather them

Even so, you continues to walk as you explain:

One man found an ark of hope to the sky.

One man helped someone who was sentenced to death.

One man returned a long forgotten smile.

One man was able to show real flowers.


Jun Maeda… This man is amazing! You don’t know who he is? Learn his name and look at the visual novels, anime, and music he’s had a hand in. THEY WILL BREAK YOUR HEART. Jun Maeda is both a lyricist and writer for KEY/Visual Arts who are the geniuses behind AIR, Clannad, Kanon, Little Busters, and Rewrite. Jun Maeda also wrote the screenplay and lyrics for Angel Beats. 

He wrote a manga called Hibiki’s Magic which I have not yet had the pleasure of reading but will be starting next week. He put out an album and DVD with Yanagi Nagi which features some of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. 

Look into him. His work will break your heart and lift your spirit. 


Yulia Lipnitskaya, gala performance

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